I’m obsessed with the gorgeous deep blue of cyanotype prints!

Cyanotype is an alternative photographic process from the 1840’s which uses objects or negatives and a specific combination of chemicals to create images in the sun. This process is all about finding interesting negative shapes and graphic composition.

I’ve been printing with plant forms and textures. Sometimes, I tone my prints shades of taupe and gold afterward. I also enhance my cyanotypes with collage, colored pencil, watercolor, graphite, and acrylic.

Collage is full of serendipity. When I set out to create a piece I don't have the final collage fully visualized, which allows for creative surprises!

I’m constantly gathering interesting bits of “stuff” – wrappers, maps, photos, tags, feathers, colored tissue, foreign text, cyanotype scraps, and more (lots more). I file it by color or theme.

Later, choosing textures and colors from my collection intuitively, I assemble my one-of-a-kind collages.

Watercolor was my first love. Whether it’s landscape, still life, or one of my own hybrid collage compositions I return to watercolor again and again.

The ebb and flow of vivid color and water, and the challenge of working with this beautiful chaos appeal to me.

Landscape painting is a great way to get outdoors, too. You never know where you will find inspiration, so I always travel with my lunchbox paint kit.